Million Student March

They oughta call it the “million liberal march” or

The “million idiot march”

the “million stupid march”

the “million student who don’t wanna work march”

the “million student soon to be EBT recipient march”

I’m sure your folks are proud.

I would have to agree that tuition is too high any more for what “students” actually learn…but FREE? no.

$15 an hour for campus workers? Sure, OK but half of them will be cut. That comes out to if one gets paid for 2080 hours per year, that’s 40 hours a week for 50 weeks with two weeks paid vacation is $31,200.

Then well, there’s payroll taxes, and social security, and then there’s obamskicare, so many deductions before you actually get your check.

Sorry, you might make it on that if you live with mom and dad or in the back of Uncle Ernie’s Studebaker, but paying rent and living? no.

Who the hell thought up the $15 an hour minimum wage?

Check out Jess’s story of the day

I would offer the students a box o’ switches; then show them what they’re for. Heh! baby boomer instructs generation X.