Weather Today…

As usual, most the rest of the country was hit hard by the first storm of the season; but not us.

80 here today. There is a guy behind me mowing the vacant lot.

I went to the grocery store and Sam’s this morning as well, and filled 4 five gallon water jugs. I saw a full blown muslim couple. By full blown I mean the chick had the black garb from head to toe with the eye slit cut out. Kinda creepy.

Reminded me of Maximillian…what movie is this from?

See the resemblance?

Hadji was typical, but without his rag.

I turned the thermostat on the a/c down another degree because as it gets a little cooler outside, the a/c doesn’t kick on as much.

Later today, there is a front coming through that will knock us down into the high forties overnight.

7-Day Forecast

So typical.


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