The US Takes Another Giant Step Towards The Sewer

We all are aware that the US is being flooded with foreigners claiming ‘asylum’ as obamski has made it clear and the word has spread that if you can get here, the US will give you a place to live, cash in your pocket, and a job.

Now we have this “clock kid” that has decided to sue the city of Irving Texas for $15 million. If this happens and they win, and the way the frakin’ liberal attitude has swept the nation, then we are wide open for more and more multi million dollar lawsuits (against municipalities) for “racism” and discrimination”.

Mohamed has contended he built the clock to display his love of electronics. Detractors have suggested the clock was purchased pre-made and the entire episode was a carefully staged event.

I have to ask and be suspicious; were they approached by some attorneys who would gross $6 million? Not bad for taking advantage of the changing system values.