Turkey Shoots Down Russian Fighter Jet

Man, the stuff is really hitting the fan hard in the Middle East.


Political map of the Middle East

Turkey openly admits shooting down Russian fighter supposedly “violating Turkey’s air space”. Putin disputes this saying it was shot down 4 km inside the Syrian border.

OK, so Turkey is a member of NATO…is Russia not a member? I assume not.

The pentagon backs Turkey…why? because they’re NATO? and can do no wrong?

Maybe it’s time Putin got a bloody nose in this entire affair.

Yet, the rescue for the pilots, who were killed by US back Syrian rebels, was a chopper also shot down in the mèlee.

It’s a real mess.

Russia bombs Syria because obamski has no balls to do so.

Turkey, apart of NATO, shoots down Russian plane. I thought the Russians had permission to fly over Turkey to bomb Syria. No?

So then, Turkey is backing Islam backed Syria?

International politics…I really don’t see the big picture. One almost has to have a vast knowledge of the history of the Ottoman empire to really understand, but that’s just me.



2 thoughts on “Turkey Shoots Down Russian Fighter Jet

  1. We kill Asaid’s backers and Isis, Russia kills our militants we trained and Isis. If this happens enough there will not be anybody left to fight. I see this as a possible endgame solution.

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