X’s Pre Thanksgiving Preps

This time of year is when X really shines. The kitchen is my friend.

For Thanksgiving, the Wednesday before is just as important as the big day itself. If all is to be successful, proper prepping is the key.

X makes his own cornbread for his stuffing today.

X will make his pumpkin pie from scratch today.

X will make his apple pie from scratch today.

X will make the wife’s fave Jello salad; raspberry Jello, a bit of crunch celery, pecan halves, crushed pineapple, and whole berry cranberry sauce.

X will also prepare the brine for the 21 lb turkey later this evening, giving the bird a good eight hours in the brine.

The green bean casserole will be made on T-day, as will the stuffing, brown and serve rolls, and X has not  decided to make smashed potatoes. It was a toss up between that or scalloped. X figures the smashed go better with X’s turkey cream gravy.



4 thoughts on “X’s Pre Thanksgiving Preps

  1. Both my 13 lb turkeys are brining in just a little bit. They have a date with the smoker tomorrow.

    • Ahh, smoked turkey. Excellent way to go. I smoked a 25 pounder once for Christmas, years ago. My brother and I started the bird at midnight, got up at 2 and added water, got up at 4 added water, and six and did another round of charcoal, took it off at noon. A lot of work but well worth it.

  2. I usually smoke or fry a 12 lb bird and according to the crowd I will include a ham on the smoker. Either way I cook the bird I will usually get a frozen bird on Saturday before Thanksgiving and add 1 cup salt and 2 cups of BBQ rib rub to enough water to cover the bird, put on the lid of a 3 gal food grade bucket, and put in the fridge in the basement. On Wednesday evening I pull out the bird and drain it and dry my 3 gallon bucket without the cover and it goes back in the fridge to dry cool overnight.

    If frying I will fry it for 39 minutes. If smoking I cook it until it is 165 degrees in the breast. I use either apple or pecan wood in my smoker.

    This year is a bit different, we went to Memphis to my daughter’s. We ordered a smoked bird from the Commissary. The Commissary is one of the premier BBQ houses in Memphis.

    • Sounds like you got your act together. I have never fried a bird. My younger brother, while in college at Tarleton, had some neighbors that were going to fry a bird. They got their fry pot and oil and heated it too hot and it caught fire. Supposedly, it caught the tree on fire that it was situated under as well. It became generally a giant out of control fire. Fire department was called; t’was a sad day. No one was hurt.

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