Thanksgiving Day Banter

I dragged my butt out of bed at 6:30 after hitting the snooze several times this morning.

The sun was just coming up and getting light. It’s supposed to be 85 today. At least it’s not 90.

I precut my stuffing veggies last night so I threw them and 2 sticks of butter into a large fry pan. I grated a handful of baby carrots too into the veggies. I  have never put carrots in before so why not?

While those were heating up, I worked on the bird. It took a bit of shuffling to get the 5 gallon pot, into which I had the bird in the brine, into the spare fridge last night. I had to move a case of the beer and lay it on its side to accommodate.

I removed said bird into the sink and poured out the brine.

I rinsed the bird well than patted it dry with paper towels.

It was then I noticed a deformity in the bird; one of the wingtips was broken off, making it impossible to tuck that wing under.

you know what I just figured out a couple years ago how to tuck the wings under the bird while roasting. what a simple solution to a potentially big problem. For years I punched a hole into the wings and tied them across the breast to keep them from flopping around in the brown in bag  that worked ok but someone walked off with my string…%#$&*@!!!

I wasted too much time farting around with that finally just let it flop

I first stuffed the neck cavity, then the bird. I have been using these wooden skewers to seal up the neck cavity. They look like giant toothpicks, and I shove it into the loose skin, then just under the skin on the bottom of the bird. I use a pair of dikes to cut the skewer.

I had some stuffing left over so I put that in a oven proof bowl and I’ll cook that later.

I smeared some olive oil on the surface of the bird.

I always use a brown in bag in a roaster pan on a flat cookie sheet.

Bird in oven at 7:30. I figure a good 5 hours…maybe a little more before it’s done.

Meanwhile, prep for the rest of the dinner by laying out supplies and necessary hardware for the green bean casserole, brown n serve rolls, and gravy.

I peeled and very coarse diced 2 1/2 lbs of russets and let them sit in cold water until I’m ready to boil them.

Since I’ve only one oven, I have to plan carefully the rest of the baking.

The rolls will be last as they must bake at 425°.

The bird will have to come out when it’s ready, and the oven temp must go to 350 for the green bean casserole. That can sit covered and keep warm for a while.

Taters gotta boil then be mashed with a little half and half, buttermilk, butter. I used a hand mixer to mash them.

Try to coordinate the gravy and the taters at the same time. X don’t do giblets. Makes me gag eating organs.

We can sit down to eat while the rolls are baking…only takes 7-8 minutes for them.

The bad thing is that the dining area is adjacent to the kitchen. Since the rolls bake at 425°, it gets really warm and uncomfortable in the dining area. The a/c doesn’t seem to reach the dining room well. $6500 to replace that. Lemme go out to the money tree and pick some.

A day and a half of preparation, and we’re done eating in fifteen minutes. Then an hour of wrapping up leftovers and cleaning up.

After that, it’s just a regular day. I don’t watch football any more, and from what I’ve been reading, I haven’t missed much.

We should have everything cleaned up by 2:00 (two years ago we were done by 1:00).

The only consolation is the turkey sammiches that are heading my way.

By 2:00, we were done eating, putting away leftovers, and cleaning up. We’ve got it down to a science.

As soon as dinner settles, I’m gonna have that sammich.

After thirty some odd years of cooking turkeys, I bought an electric knife this year. I always remember the old commercial:

Slice meat so thin your mother-in-law will never come back!

I always though it was funny: my wife didn’t.


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  1. Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

    We’re in Fort Collins, CO today, and heading up the Cheyenne, WY for the big feed.

    Came out to visit my wife’s youngest son, his fiancee, and her family.

    Oh….and look at a few houses while we’re up here….

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