X’s 12 Days of Christmas Baking

Beginning December 1, I will be posting a recipe a day hopefully relative to the season we are now in the middle of.

Baking days may not be back to back, but will total at least 12.

Since I am unable to upload pics to this blog, I will post daily recipes and procedures on my recipe blog on my blogroll with teasers posted on this one to notify when there is a new recipe post.

I have my recipes that I use every year however, I don’t think there are 12 of them so new ones may be implemented, including tamales. Those require two days to make from start to finish and it’s only me, and my back is not so good any more to be on my feet so long.

I may try a batch of apple pie tamales.

Among the featured goods will be X’s cinnamon rolls, different types of quick breads, a variety of cookies, a couple kinds of candy, and some savory snacks.



2 thoughts on “X’s 12 Days of Christmas Baking

  1. My wife finished most of her holiday baking before we went to Colorado for Thanksgiving.

    Now if she can just keep me away from the freezer where it’s all stashed……

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