I Keep Tellin’ Ya

These idiot liberals will be the downfall of what’s left of the United States.


What’s next?

Outlaw automobiles? ’cause folks die in car accidents

Outlaw swimming? ’cause folks drown

Outlaw cigarettes? ’cause die from smoking

Outlaw liquor? ’cause folks die from drinking

Outlaw air travel? ’cause folks die in plane crashes

Outlaw train travel? ’cause folks die in train derailments

Yeah, makes about as much sense as you chickenshits who are afraid of guns and want no one to have any.

Your organization is in chicago and more people die in chicago from gun violence than any other city in the US.

All you lazy ass liberals want is for someone to take care of you while go about your mindless activities day after day after day after day waiting by the mailbox for your SNAP cards.

Here’s their site. Pull it up, and send them an email telling them what you really think.