obamski Wouldn’t Stop Yappin’

I must be losing my mind. I swear I read two separate articles this morning about obamski’s infamous trip to the Paris Climate talks, and in his closing speech, for which delegates were allowed three minutes, obamski kept on flappin’ his yap to the nine minute mark. The moderator buzzed and buzzed but obamski thinks now he is king of Europe.

I cannot find those articles now. I have no idea where I saw them…


here’s one

Event organizers hit the buzzer as Obama’s address neared the nine-minute mark, blowing past the U.N.’s requested time limit of three minutes.

Organizers buzzed Obama every 30 seconds for over two minutes for a total of five buzzes, a Free Beacon analysis shows. The buzzer operator evidently gave up for the last three minutes of Obama’s 14-minute address, which exceeded the requested time limit by 11 minutes.

He’s a legend in his own mind….’scuse me whilst I guffaw