About The San Bernadino Shooting…

Ten bucks says these assholes will still allow the ragheads into their city


Another ten bucks says that if a member of the council had family killed, things would be different.

Proud Poppa


Dune coon travelled to Saudi last year…why? to get his “mission”.


‘Nuther ten bucks says the neighbors will not be so PC in the future


Terrorists are muslim. Terrorists are cowards with a strip of yellow down their backs a foot wide.


I honestly don’t need to know shit about this fucker except that he’s dead


Kill them before they kill us.

Stop all muslim resettlement in the United States.

We don’t want them here.

The Koran instructs all muslims with one mission: Kill All Infidels….that’s indisputable.

The towelheads need to understand that there is no 72 virgins for them when they’re dead if the bullets they’re killed with are dipped in pig’s blood; that is in addition to the cold blackness of death.

All above links are from Doug Ross

State governors are holding fast


This is getting ugly, and it will not go away quietly.


‘Nuther ten bucks says that it don’t matter what Congress does, obamski will do whatever he wants…time for impeachment! Consequences be damned!



3 thoughts on “About The San Bernadino Shooting…

  1. That whole area in Riverside/SB is a shit pit.

    Got clobbered by the housing bust in 2008, and there were hundreds/thousands of unsold and partially built homes left to rot.

    It is, as a buddy puts it, “Not only a trailer trash area, but a HIGH DESERT trailer trash area”.

    If you lived out here, you’d understand his comment.

    Fortunately, you don’t live out here…..

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