Poor Protection for a Poor President

The committee concluded that the Secret Service is an “agency in crisis” after a series of high-profile embarrassments over several years, including a South American prostitution scandal and multiple security breaches involving President Barack Obama and the White House.

“This report reveals that the Secret Service is in crisis,” Chaffetz said. “Morale is down, attrition is up, misconduct continues and security breaches persist. Strong leadership from the top is required to fix the systemic mismanagement within the agency and to restore it to its former prestige.”

Well, good luck with that strong leadership from the top thing.

The Secret Service Agents get it. Shit protection for a shit leader in chief. The world laughs at obamski and the SS are ridiculous for taking a bullet for him. They probably hang their heads in shame every miserable day of their lives.

What would happen if they didn’t? Would it be like George Castanza on Seinfeld when he found out his fiancé died from the poison glue on the envelopes? He just kind of shrugged and slinked away to get a cup of joe. Easy come, easy go.


I’m sure George and GW and laughing…they got better protection. It’s kinda funny actually.

Then there is Moochelle who can’t keep her yap shut either

In a speech at Tuskegee University, an institute of higher learning in which white people are “not allowed on the bus,” First Domestic Partner Michelle Obama gave the school’s commencement address with instructions to the future agitators of America to – what else? Go forth and agitate.

Her mission is an extension of that of Hussein Obama, to foment unrest and destabilize America. Her message was clear, “whatever is wrong in your life is whitey’s fault, and whitey owes you.”

Story here.



White people hate you too, and there’s a shitload more of us.

Got any crackers on your Secret Service detail? You expect them to take a bullet for your black ass after your comment? Continue to live in your dream world.

If it weren’t for whitey, you’d still be waitressin’ at the Greasy Spoon.

We be counting the days