I See Why They Held Her Photo Back

Because she’s bugly. She’s got exacta: her face is exacta her ass.

Shoulda had one of them full coverage burkas so as not to inflict as much pain or fear with those she would come in contact.

Someone hit her with an ugly stick…and didn’t stop for a long time.

The term mud fence comes to mind.

So ugly that she looked out the window and got arrested for mooning.

she told her Jewish victim “you will never see Israel”.

and this handsome devil

The pair married in August of last year after the California native traveled to Saudi Arabia and brought her back to the US

The killed 14 and injured 23 others

The raghead lover group CAIR says the US is to blame partly.

obamski and his admin are to blame for lettin’ them in, that’s for sure. However, obamski blames guns. asshole.

It ain’t my fault that every towelhead I see wearing a schmuka towel, is a potential terrorist. That is the wonderful media that has done that to us.

Tashfeen Malik came to the United States in July 2014 on a K-1 visa, known casually as a “fiance visa,” and, now, a little more than a year later, she is dead after allegedly helping her husband slaughter 14 people in San Bernardino, California, this week.

Little is known about Malik, 29. A Muslim-born Pakistani native, Malik entered the country legally by using one of a handful of visas that require background checks and security screenings.

In order to get a seal of approval from the U.S. government on their relationship, Malik and her then-boyfriend, Syed Rizwan Farooq, a U.S. citizen, had to prove they were in love and planning to marry within 90 days. They met the standard, and passed the screening process.

But doing so has now raised questions about immigration procedures.