MSNBC Idiots

How in hell does the frickin’ media get into an islamic terrorist’s apartment? And then rifle through it?

More and more every day I see the feds tossing bones to the media to keep them at bay. This was more than a bone, it was a feeding frenzy.

If this was ‘leaked’; meaning that if the feds are letting the media do stuff like this intentionally, then it’s time to start moving to the country, organize, and hunker down.

The feds are already taking orders from a jackass that hates America, and the media hates everything about America too except the first amendment.

Today saw another new low-point in American broadcast journalism, as members of the media and public ransacked the shooting suspects family home in Redlands, California. On closer examination, however, what is on display here has very little to do with journalism, and everything to do with staged ‘synthetic terror’.