Sounds Like We’d Better Not Get On The No Fly List

‘Cause that is one way obamski is trying to deny guns to folks.

All he hasta do is put your name on the no-fly list, and you’ll be denied the ability to purchase a gun.

I wonder if you get to keep the guns you already have if you get “put on” the list.

How does one go about getting on the no-fly list? Talking shit about Barry on the blog?

I guess there is only one list. Who updates it and how often?

Who approves putting a new name on the list? If it’s just one person, they are probably busy.

Does anyone ever get removed from the list? Besides dying, I mean.

Until the government fixes its unconstitutional new process, people on the No Fly List are barred from commercial air travel with no meaningful chance to clear their names, resulting in a vast and growing group of individuals whom the government deems too dangerous to fly but too harmless to arrest.

Do any of us regular folks get to see the list? Hey, maybe we know someone on there.

Wait! Here it is! See if you’re on it.

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One thought on “Sounds Like We’d Better Not Get On The No Fly List

  1. I agree, all anyone has to do is claim you views are radical and instantly, your rights are curtailed. I’m sure which party is in charge will change the definition of what ‘radical views’ are.

    I read this a couple of days ago and agree IT ISN’T CALLED THE BILL OF NEEDS – ITS CALLED THE BILL OF RIGHTS !

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