Republican Debate


Terrorism and keeping America safe was the hot topic.

Why the hell is Jeb Bush still showing up? I’ll tell you what I think. I think that Jeb Bush has nothing else to do to stay busy. He’s got millions of dollars and he’s bored, and he’s got a couple of pals that tell him to keep in the race. Too bad they cannot tell him what to say. He stammers more than any other candidate.

Carly, Christie, Kasich all use “me me me, I did this, I did that” too much.

Carly did not get a lot of face time, neither did Carson.

What’s with Rand Paul’s hair? He spins a good yarn.

The candidates spent too much time throwing wieners at each other.

Rubio makes a lot of sense, mostly.

Cruz was his usual precise and to the point guy.

Christie, Paul, and Rubio spent way too much time counting angels on the pinhead.

Bush, Cruz, Paul were all hemming and hawing over the power of the NSA and FBI; what it is and what it should be.

Carson was virtually ignored for the first part of the debate.

Kasich showed up but left his brain in the car (as he usually does). Put some feathers on his arms and he might just fly away.

Frankly, Bush is a walking talking wuss. Doesn’t have a chance. He got his widdle feeling hurt by Trump.

What I got out mostly from this debate was which candidates disliked the other candidates. Trump and Bush, Rubio, Paul, and Cruz had a five way weiner-measuring contest.

Carly was left out of a lot of the questions…she makes a lot of sense when she got to speak.

Oh, how nice that Miss Fernandez from the liberal capital of Texas, Austin, asked her FB question about “if the Bible says we must embrace those in need, why do we not allow refugees?” Well, shit Miss Fernandez. Obviously you’re hispanic and my educated guess is that you’re probably a single generation from being born in Mexico. You stink of liberalism. Let’s have some refugees move in with you. Bring your own lube.

Jeb did throw a good weiner at the press discussing the Chinese hacking into government database including some press folk…chuckle.

It just doesn’t matter.

Democrats will win next the election next year regardless of how much ass the Republicans kiss over the course of the next 11 months.

Buy guns.

Buy ammo.

Get yourself off grid somewhere with like minded folk.