A Summary of Stuff Hitting The Fan

The chickenshit liberals who are afraid of guns, are relentless in their tightening their grip on law abiding gun owners. LA County is discussing forcing gun owners to buy gun insurance.

obamski has not revealed yet how he too plans to continue to tighten controls of guns. There is still talk of adding a tax on ammo.


This too could cause problems in areas where there are no problems. Forced resettlement of “inner city” folk to the suburbs. It would certainly piss me off to have a bunch of Section 8 apartments go up behind us.


Obamski cut short a press conference so he could catch the ‘Star Wars’ movie. Prick.


Don’t forget about the EPA which consistently violates its own laws…


It would seem that the republican and democrat parties on Congress have unified to become minions for King Obamski. The voters have one last chance to vote out those caught up in the machine of Washington. John Cornyn of TX would be a choice but he just got re-elected in 2012 along with that worthless ass McConnell


And then there’s this frackin’ traitor…Mitch McConnell. His greased up ass must be big around as a baseball bat  given all the times the Dems have had their way with him.