Low Gas Prices Here

Gas at the local store yesterday was a buck sixty-nine. Probably a few cents cheaper at Sam’s. I filled my truck last week at Sam’s with premium for two bucks a gallon.

I bought a couple of 5 gallon gas cans a few years ago…el cheapo plastic ones. I kept them full when we were poor, and used them from time to time to keep gas in our tanks when we had no money. These cans had the most complicated nozzle I had ever seen. It was spring loaded with a series of tubes, valves, levers that were all finding ways to go bad on me…they did. I was filling up the kid’s car when the piece that the spring pushed against broke, releasing everything and dropping into the gas tank…&@#$%*.

I was able to dig the piece out with a pair of hemostats, as the part was too long to get around the curve in the tank, but the gas can is now worthless. I have another of those, but hesitate to toss it…(hey, I got money tied up in that.)

I recently bought an Eagle 5 gallon gas can, which I filled up yesterday along with some Sta-bil. At $43, one makes a substantial dollar investment to build up a stash of those.

My funnel doesn’t fit like this. How hard can it be?

Gerry cans aren’t that much more. I have not figured out how to keep the funnel with the can…it just don’t work right. Whatever.



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