Where’d Hillary Go?

Well, this just leaves it wide open, doesn’t it?


Apparently, during a scheduled commercial break, Swillary couldn’t make it back in time when the break was over…was she

taking a tinkle, and didn’t make it in time?

thought it was a fart, but wasn’t?

Ex-lax finally kicked in?

No asswipe in the ladies room?

A little more difficult to “go” these days with the irregular diet?

A two-handed wedgie?

Had to have Ummagumma bring her a change of underwear.

Wasn’t used to the squat hole, and peed in her shoes.

Did anyone notice if she had changed shoes? Oh, you didn’t watch it either.

Maybe she ran into Tricky Bill in the back, and she gave him a quickie.

Peed in her panties, waited for but couldn’t get replacement so went commando for the duration.