X’s Musical Knowledge Is Rewarded

The other day I heard a hauntingly familiar tune on a dog food commercial, and I hollered at my wife “isn’t that Erik Satie?”

She shrugged and mumbled something to the effect of “I don’t know”.

I was shocked at her indifference

I was right. Erik Satie‘s composition of Je Te Veux is featured on the Cesar pet food commercial.

Jessye Norman sings Je Te Veux.
Supposedly, Satie wrote this song for his love Suzanne Voladon

One thought on “X’s Musical Knowledge Is Rewarded

  1. Thank you for that interlude. It reminds me of young ladies and gentle men strolling through a park on a fresh spring day. The ladies with their parasols and the men with their “boater” straw hats.
    I know, I know; I couldn’t possibly be that old! BUT, I can dream of those simpler and quieter times.

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