The Trend Continues…Now In Kommiefornia

The trend continues…

Kalifornia will be enacting a new law staring January 1, that will allow concerned family members to request law enforcement officials to confiscate guns from “mentally ill” family members.

This could possibly go as far as… well… er some bloggers that are adamant gun owners, could get nailed…by an ex-wife, pissed off mother in law, kid without gender, ex-girlfriend, the list goes on.

All they gotta say is “oh my! Johnny is acting weird, and he has lots of guns.”

Do you think Johnny will get his guns back? Hell no. Probably end up on the no-fly list too.


4 thoughts on “The Trend Continues…Now In Kommiefornia

  1. Actually the ex wife thing has been around for some time using gun ownership as a means to get exparte orders and such and then there’s the BS domestic violence charge that is leveled against gun owners before it even goes to court.

    More Feminist BS

  2. A prediction; within a month, some left wing ‘activist’ will request a ‘gun violence restraining order’ against all legal firearms owners.

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