This Is What Happens When You Take In Muslims

This couple should have known better. A liberal white couple in South Africa felt sorry for Muslim refugees who claimed they were fleeing persecution and feared death. They opened up their 50-acre farm to over 100 Muslims and gave them the run of the place. They fed, clothed and sheltered them at their own expense and gave all they had to them. After only a few months of living off these good people, the Muslims have now turned on the couple and are threatening them with death if they don’t leave and turn the entire farm over to them. I don’t see how they couldn’t have foreseen this as the logical outcome to bringing these people in. Their theocratic/political/warrior culture is a violent one of conquest. They have no sympathy or patience for those not of their faith. They are elitists who despise infidels. The migrants have basically destroyed the farm and this couple has now fled for their lives. This is what Obama is bringing to America by bringing in Islamic refugees. And he knows it.

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