A Shot Of Reality

I am glad to see this group banding together against the feds


These guys were convicted of illegal burning after a fire they set got out of control, and burned some property belonging to BLM.

Remember the BLM tried to take Bundy’s land from him a couple years ago in Nevada?

There’s also a stink at the Texas Oklahoma border about some property dispute that the BLM wants to steal confiscate.

The Bureau of Land Management are just like the EPA; bunch of power hungry thugs.

Does obamski generate a general directive that instructs every federal employee to gather info against any type of lawbreaker, no matter how insignificant, and report them? Then let ‘higher ups’ decide whether or not to prosecute? And if the act resembles (as the ‘higher ups’ interpret) insurrection, they move ahead with prosecution? Would it depend on the particular branch? i.e. BLM, EPA, Dept of ED, etc.

Think about it.

It’s happening.

Push will come to shove. No one wants to be the first to shoot, but it will be important for the feds to be able to point a finger and say “he started it”.