Feral Hog Heaven?

Feral hogs are a growing concern all over Texas. Some counties are going to extremes to capture/kill them

Their efforts have resulted in 8,300 silenced swine in Caldwell County, one of the most afflicted areas in the hog boom that began about 20 years ago. Dornak says it’s the only county-based group of its kind in Texas, and he has been invited to speak in other areas of the state about tackling the problem from the local level.

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2 thoughts on “Feral Hog Heaven?

  1. Where I grew up in South Georgia we had feral hogs. To make a little money we would set up an automatic corn feeder and build a hog trap around it. Basically adding a hog fence panel one at a time until they got used to it then setting a trap door that would trip and trap them inside. Once they were trapped we would build a chute to load them into a trailer to take them to the barn where we would snip any tusks and vaccinate them. Feed them hog feed for about 6 weeks and cull out any that looked sick and then load up any that weighed more than 180 lbs and haul them to market.

    Usually once the feeder was put out you sprang the trap 5 weeks later. Any sows you caught were released so you could do it again next year.

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