Can You Go To Jail For This?

Can you get in trouble for putting a couple slices of bacon on the door handles of a mosque?


From Antz In Pantz

Publically private to muslimphobe who placed the bacon

Was that thick sliced? The FBI is offering $5000 reward for information about you. give me your address and I’ll send you a check to buy more bacon.

I guess the feds can make up whatever they want to stick it to us. They can redefine hate crimes to suit their agenda.

Is putting bacon on the door handles of a mosque illegal? No. But the feds are calling it a hate crime.

Let’s see now. I read a couple years ago somewhere in Tennessee where a white couple was beaten and raped with broom handles, were found dead. Sounds like a hate crime to me but the media hushed that up.


2 thoughts on “Can You Go To Jail For This?

  1. When I had to travel and work in the middle East I used to put pork rinds in the top of my luggage and tool kit. Almost every time they would close the luggage or tool kit. Qatar went apeshit one time and had me deported – I flew back that afternoon on another flight and breezed though custom/passport control.

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