Standoff In Oregon

I’m sure you’ve all heard/read by now about the takeover of the Malheur Federal Wildlife Preserve property south of Burns, Oregon.

The full story is here.

I found this through a link at The Feral Irishman

If this history is true, then it’s typical of the federal government to intimidate citizens to steal their land because of minerals and who-knows-what under the land.

It seems to me that the timing is poor to ask for a full blown revolution. Apparently, the Hammonds were supposed to return to prison. The feds felt their first term in the slammer wasn’t enough, so they were assigned more prison time due to begin Monday.

This land has been eyed by the feds since the “national park” was created in 1908. I urge you to read the link above.

It seems that many are opposed to the presence of the Bundys given their own history with the federal land grabbers.

The feds do whatever they want to get what they want and they usually get it.

The Brand Davidian Massacre, and the Ruby Ridge incident were the beginning of common folk standing up to the feds. The feds got away with it…that may be the last time.

The information we were fed was “sugar coated” to incur certain feelings from the public so we’d be on the side of the feds. Of course, with the media whores on the side of the feds, we had to rely on other information.

The feds have moved considerably toward Napoleonic Law.

This article says that the federal government cannot constitutionally own land.