Update on the Hammonds

According to this, the Hammonds will report to prison today.

This would mean that the Bundys have done this “takeover” of the wildlife refuge, despite the Hammonds compliance with the law. So then the Bundys have holed up with 100-150 armed folks? and the Hammonds are going back to the slammer anyway? WTF?

The Hammonds were re-sentenced after they finished their prison terms. All this while comrade obamski is releasing and pardoning criminals because their sentences were “too harsh”.

The prosecution and judge in the case suppressed evidence that would have exonerated the Hammonds.

We’ll see. Other reports say there is no law enforcement on site.

During her tenure as a full time BLM employee from 1997-1999, Maupin recalls other fires accidentally spilling over onto BLM land, but only the Hammonds have been charged, arrested and sentenced, she said. Ranchers might be burning invasive species or maybe weeds in the ditch. “They would call and the BLM would go and help put it out and it was not a big deal.”

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One thought on “Update on the Hammonds

  1. Reflecting on this, I wonder if this is what happens when we insist on the gubmint getting tough and enforcing the laws already on the books, instead of creating new laws. From what I’ve read, the original judge and prosecutor both retired after this case, and the new prosecutor wanted to “get tough” so he found that the judge didn’t follow the new minimum sentence guidelines for “terrorism” crimes. I’m not sure how burning some grasslands are “terrorism” and “arson,” unless destruction of [strike]royal[/strike] BLM lands counts.

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