My Thoughts on the Bundy Situation

What’s with the sheriff? I had hoped he was his own man, but he appears to be either afraid of the feds or sleeping with them.

As I understand it, the county sheriff has the ultimate jurisdiction in the county…period.

The Hammonds flew to California to begin their 4 years or so of trumped up extended prison time. You gotta hand it to ’em, they certainly faced the federal bullshit “resentencing” with as much honor and dignity as anyone could.

Federal prosecutors and judges withheld evidence, borderline tampered with the jury, worked together to assure a conviction of the Hammonds.

Hammonds did not endorse Bundy’s takeover.

I get it, Bundy. I fully understand your logic, and I’m really on your side; this is not the time or place for a takeover of federal buildings. The feds will lie like hell to make you think you are getting what you want, but you forgot one thing: obamski leads the feds. He dips his dirty fingers into everything, and he will dip into this.

Unfortunately, it is probably too late for you. No matter what you do now, you will probably end up in jail yourselves, and there will be no  more 5000 militia to help you this time. You will probably be very fortunate if you are not killed.

If anything, you have made things worse for people who sided with your plight a couple years ago. You have made us all look like extremists, or worse now.

This is not the time. I hope it’s not too late for you.

What is it; 12 degrees up there? More snow on the way? You don’t have a chance in hell. The feds will just wait you out. They will be nice cozy warm while you freeze your ass off and crap in buckets.



6 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Bundy Situation

  1. I think you nailed it.

    The one item I think should have been done different is the Hammond’s should have turned themselves over to the sheriff. They also need to be filing appeals.

  2. One commentator I saw said that the Hammonds had already appealed their case, all the way up to the Supreme Court; how true that is, I can’t say. I’m sure they turned themselves in peacefully because they wanted to avoid a repeat of the Randy Weaver siege, where the Feds were shooting up his cabin for failing to show for his hearing when, due to a clerical error, the summons he was sent showed a month later for his trial date, after the siege began.

    • Appeal? Probably. To the SC? I doubt it at this time. The appeals process must be exhausted at the state level first…or does it since it’s a federal case? Usually, we hear what the SC is doing.

  3. The sheriff used to be employed by the BLM, that will explain his previous and upcoming behavior.

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