X’s Eye On The Stock Market

The market opened today at 16,890. That’s bad.

Closed at 16,900.

It’s opened low for two days in a row now. Not good.

That’s -800 points in 5 days.

Thanks, obamski.You have single handedly destroyed our country.

Your teary eyed speech on gun control along with North Korea’s announcement of testing a new bomb is very encouraging. You just looked like a bigger pussy than we already thought. What’d you do? Put jalepeno juice on your fingers just before the speech? Yeah, we see you rubbing your eyes before the tears appeared. No Oscar for you.

When the market drops in the fifteen thousands, I will cash in my 401k, and turn it in to a pile of cash. At which time I will begin selling my home, and moving so far off grid that the only thing that will find me is the Yellowstone super volcano.