X’s View Of The World…A Glance

North Korea testing hydrogen bombs…they have had nuclear capability for a while already…yes? They would destroy the US in a heartbeat. Less than a month ago, the black house said N. Korea had no bomb.

China has a  huge chip on its shoulder, daring the US to knock it off…on the other hand, the USA is China’s biggest customer. To end us, they would cut their own throat…mostly.

Iran, like North Korea, would end the existence of the United States without second thought. They would miss their gold however.

The Saudis see the US as a big oil customer.

Israel cannot understand why obamski has led the battle to abandon them.

Egypt could care less if the US would drop off the planet…they’d miss their yearly allowance though.

For thousands of years muslims have hated Jews, and continue to do so today. Islam, the “religion of peace”, directs all followers to hunt down and destroy “infidels”: those who do not follow the “religion of peace”.

Mexico and all hispanic based countries see the US as nothing more than a huge candy machine that all one has to do is pull the handles oneself. What they don’t get is that when our country is ruled by hispanics, nobody will work; no taxes, no more free candy.

For some strange reason, muslim based countries have an epidemic sweeping through them. The symptom is that they want to all of a sudden take over the world. What they don’t get is that the world would turn into a giant squat hole when the muslims rule.

The President of the United States of America in his first seven years in office, has managed to turn our once greatly respected and feared nation into the laughing stock of the planet. He has degraded not only what the world thinks of the US, but changed how the common man in this country views our own government. He has blatantly pounded his tiny chest telling us that “change is in order”. When he leaves office in 54 weeks, he will have left our country with racial tensions at a new high (thanks to him).

“Refugees” and assorted illegal immigrants flood into our country; take our jobs, our tax money, harm our women and children, and are set free to repeat their crimes again and again.

Our own veterans are now looked at by our government as “domestic terrorists”.

obamski took a huge step towards totalitarianism with his bullshit gun control executive orders upcoming. This is complimented by AG Lynch saying “we’re watching you“.

Our pussy in chief is so hated by all that he is unable to get anything through Congress so he has to make law through executive orders. No president in history has signed into law through executive orders more than comrade obamski. Sounds like the making of a dictator to me.


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  1. Obama “has managed to turn our once greatly respected and feared nation into the laughing stock of the planet”. This is the change he was talking about 8 years ago.

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