Old Days Men’s Toiletries

When I was a wee lad, my brother and I were always given ‘hiney’ or ‘burr’ haircuts. Basically, all the hair is cut with a certain length blade, so that all the hair is the same length. We didn’t care or know; we just did what we were told. No hair dressing needed.

When we got a little older, we got ‘butch’ cuts. How cool. We were each given our own jar of “Butch Wax”.

Butch Hair Wax Lucky Tiger FULL 3.50oz JAR Sealed This particular jar was for sale on Ebay for $40.

A butch cut, I believe is like a hiney, but the front top is left a little longer so that one can use wax to make it ‘stick up’. Butch Wax had a particular aroma too, that was not all that unpleasant.

(My first boss was retired USAF and he still wore a butch cut back in ’72.)

A couple years later, we graduated to a little longer hair so that we had to carry a comb and we used Vitalis to start, then moved on to Score and Brylcreem.

Vintage Vitalis V-7 Hair Treatment Design Container Clear Bottle 80% full CLEAN

If only it were true.
Score was odd in that if one tapped on the tube while holding it flat in one’s hand, the gel made weird vibrations.
Then there was Top Brass…don’t recall using it, but I came across it in my search.
3 Tubes Top Brass Hair Thickener Cream Yellow 3oz Free Shipping
I don’t recall why but when in junior high and maybe first year of high school, I dreaded showering (still do). I would go into the bathroom (at the folk’s orders) to shower. I turned on the water, and just sat for the appropriate length of time, turned off said water, wait appropriate length of time to dry, and go to bed. This was my routine. I cannot remember how long I went between showers, but I’ll tell you this; once when I actually did shower and shampoo, a friend asked me “hey man! What did you do to your hair? bleach it?”
I answered “No, I washed it!”
I can’t say if he started to laugh, but when I didn’t he stopped and covered his mouth as he gagged…or what. Anyway, after that, I started showering regularly as my hair was longer, and with regular shampooing, it stayed blonder.
I didn’t start using deodorant until I was in high school, and it seems that Right Guard was the big brand then. Key word is “deodorant” not “antiperspirant”. I did not know the difference, and was hugely disappointed when the sweat rolled from my armpits during early morning marching practice for the band. I now go out of my way for Old Spice original scent stick. Cannot use the “sports” version as I am obviously allergic to something in it. Too bad too because it works for a couple of days. I tried Arid extra dry also, but it did not work like I wanted.
I was given an Aramis gift set in my late teens, and found it very nice: after shave and cologne. I used it sparingly and kept it for years.
When I finally ran out, I ran down to the drug store to pick up another set only to find out, to my horror, that Aramis after shave and cologne were $35….each. That was in 1984.
I settled for Old Spice; again original scent.
Even though I don’t have any hair any more, I still have to shampoo but stick to Suave as it’s pretty cheap.
My wife has no fewer than 3 each of shampoos and conditioners at any given time.
Now soap; well that’s is a very wide open subject.
My folks always bought Zest. I never have it any thought, and even when I was on my own I bought Zest.
These days, I don’t have a fave as I use Irish Spring, Coast, Ivory, Dial, and various body washes if on sale. I keep a wide variety in the stash. Choice is always nice.
In my grease monkey days, I used Boraxo, Lava, and GO-JO and sometimes a combo.
This pic from Art Of Manliness
Can’t say that I ever used Aqua Velva although it was really popular. I don’t think one got to drive a vintage Mustang, golf, ride go carts, or the pretty girl with pigtails when using it, but it was probably worth a shot.
English Leather was very popular for many years
As was Brut.
Hai Karate was popular, but I never used that.

10 thoughts on “Old Days Men’s Toiletries

  1. I use Aqua Velva aftershave, Pinaud talc for the nut sack on those hot humid days and i am also allergic to the Old Spice stick. It works great but burns like hell. can use the AXE or Speed Stick deodorant. Also had the butch haircut back in the early 60’s. Used my dads hair cream but can’t remember what it was. Just use liquid soap. Sauve Sport. $1.84 cheap, smells good.
    Didn’t see anything about shaving cream. Tried most of them and ended up just using olive oil when shaving. Works just as good.

      • I haven’t shaved since October 13th, 1976, the day I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted.

        Two of them they just about had to blast out, and I was so swollen for two weeks that I couldn’t shave.

        By that time my beard was coming in nicely, and I appreciated the extra time I saved by not shaving, so I let it grow.

        And since I was living in Northern Illinois, it kept my face warm in the winter!

  2. Yea, I know. Haven’t been down there since pops died. I have spent time in Kerrville a few years back and I bet it has changed too. Glad to see you back. ED..

    • It’s rare to run across someone from here. I met a guy in Kerrville on Monday that had a son living in Edinburg. One of my fellow bloggers had relatives in a small town in OK where I used to live. I knew the relatives. Small world man.

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