Americans Leaving These States In Droves

New Jersey leads the mass exodus, followed by

New York





W Virginia



The rest here

Most of these, especially on the east coast; I get. But Kansas?


9 thoughts on “Americans Leaving These States In Droves

      • the white house closed the mines so west virginia is pushed off the edge it has always been on.
        my daughter suggested west virginians and other mountain people might try farming dairy goats because you don’t need flat fields for it and goat cheese is becoming more popular and is a big seller.
        there must be other niche markets that could be filled.
        dept. of agriculture need to get on this right away so extension services can extend helpful ideas to these states in dire want.

  1. We moved to Florida in 2007 and moved back to MN in 2013. I didn’t want to speak spanish as a first language lived around Disney World. Wanted to come back home. Less people too/

  2. My guess is the reason Kansas and Missouri have the yellow color is most of them went to the Dakota’s or Texas. Let the oil prices stay down a bit longer and I bet most of em will be coming back.

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