X’s Eye On The Stock Market: Friday 1/15

The Dow Jones opened down at -169, then dropped to -334 almost immediately. 16,036  minutes after open.

4 minutes after open it dropped down to -364.

5 minutes it was at 16.005.

Can you say Black Friday?

It had actually dropped to 15,948 before jumping back into the 16,000s.

Just after 12:00 it stayed below 16,000 and was dancing there a while.

Closed at 15,979.



4 thoughts on “X’s Eye On The Stock Market: Friday 1/15

  1. Somebody once said, “What can’t be sustained; won’t be sustained”. This market bubble is just that; a bubble. Not going to go into the value of the stocks or the companies. Does anybody remember the tulip debacle in Holland so many years ago?

      • You have some bad picks. My stocks are worth about the same as last year this time and the dividends made up the differance.

      • We lost nine grand, yes. That’s in the last few months. I guess we could manage our own account, but I know even less that the ‘account manager’. When the market is up, we make money, when it’s down, we lose.

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