I Guess It Was Bound To Happen

Am I the eternal optimist? Heck no…about most things anyway.

With MLK day today, the schools are closed here. It’s really kind of strange because by and large many of the schools are open on Labor Day and Memorial Day. WTF?

So the wife had today off. Good thing too as she contracted a cold starting Thursday night, thus beginning her regimen of Airborne and vitamin C every 6 hours. Alka Seltzer Plus Cold medicine as needed for symptoms.

This suited her fine as she can really saw those logs; even when she’s well. Some fever yesterday (Saturday) and the Alka Seltzer Plus Cold medicine has enough fever reducer to make her feel better.

She’s been pretty good about getting up during the night and dosing the other two.

She kept asking me “should I sleep in the other room?”

I scoffed “heck no. I won’t catch nothin’!” Famous last words.

I began feeling the tickle in the back of my throat last night, and thus began my own dosing.

So today, I awoke noting that I had to take the garbage out to the street. The city comes hell or high water every Monday for that. I had pain in my chest when I coughed, and the general head-filled-with-pieces-of-chopped-brown-paper feeling.

I can’t remember how the saying goes: is it “feed a fever and starve a cold?” or the other way around. I figured the latter so stuffed myself with turkey bacon, chorizo, potato, jalapeño, and eggs all cooked together.

This was the first time I tried the Airborne chewables. I think I like them better than the effervescent tablets. I also did a hit of Emergen-C, in addition to my normal vitamin regimen.

I’m just waitin’ around for 10:00 to hit as I figure I might as well enjoy being sick and sleeping it off, so I plan to go to the liquor store and get some Irish Cream and some bourbon.

A large part of the country today is suffering sub zero temperatures and wind chills. I woke up to 50° and partly sunny skies when I hauled out the garbage in my shorts and sock feet.

There won’t be a stock market report today.

Don’t go out to your mailbox either. The feds take their holidays real serious.


3 thoughts on “I Guess It Was Bound To Happen

  1. I too am one of those who claims to never get sick. Sometimes I do. I take a multi vitamin and vitamin C (1000 mg) daily. Have for almost 3 years even in the summer. Our schools here are open even thou its a holiday. The bitter wind chills made school two hours late today. While some think MLK is an important holiday to me its a fake federal holiday.

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