I Got No Sympathy

Tila Tequila asks fans to donate money to pay her rent

Writing on the page, Tila explained: “The reason why I am creating this GoFundMe campaign is because they have raised the rent at my old home to $4,500 a month, and being a single mother without any support from the father, it can sometimes be very tough taking care of 2 people with only a 1 person income.

Well, it was probably not a good idea to openly admit that you are Adolph Hitler reincarnate as well as a Nazi sympathizer



And of course, the same sheeple who voted in obamski, sent her money.

Crap. $4500 a month? That would pay six months mortgage payments for me.

Not even that good lookin’ IMO.


Is it me or does her eyes follow you across the room too?

Poor baby. A million dollar check from Playboy and you’re still broke. Sounds like Anna Nicole Smith “It’s expensive to be me”.

Maybe I’ll have my own “go fund me” for the Bushmaster fund…or the Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 magnum fund…or the Henry 30-30 fund…or the Glock 21 fund…or the ammo for all of the above fund…