X’s Eye On The Dow Jones…And Other Unimportant Info

The Dow Jones opened this morning -165 points from yesterday’s close.

Two minutes later, it was down -229.

I am feeling better, but still feel like water is slushing around in my head.

Going to make my Santa Fe Soup today. Easy, reheats well. little skill needed.

8:48 down to 15,767.

Today is yard guy day. X has to reconnect the doorbell so as not to miss him. Since X really hasn’t had a winter, the grass never went dormant this year. It also means that the skeeters will be as big as F-86 Sabre Jets this spring. Not  to mention the cockroaches.

Damn! -304 points in less than half an hour of opening.

10:00 am down 439 points.

Delivery from FedEx for ammo cans won at Sam’s auction.

12:09 CST -509 points. Well past the halfway point towards shut down.

The DJIA closed down -249 points overall at 15,766.