X’s Eye On The Dow Jones…Doin’ What I Can

The Dow opened today at 15,766; that’s -5 and change from yesterday’s close…more or less.

8:43 am CST it’s up +15 points.

Got to get out and p/u prescriptions today; including my Irish Cream.

Found this article for us optimists on the stock market

http://kingworldnews.com/fleckenstein-warns-ignore-bounces-and-expect-a-serious-acceleration-to-the-downside/ summarized: don’t be fooled by brief upward trends. The market is going down. If you lose your ass it’s your fault for waiting too long.


I realize these are a little far right. However, one must grasp that there is a thread of truth in these statements.

Every time I mention to the wife that she lost another 2 grand, her eyes glaze over and she says ‘not yet’.

Frustrated is my middle name.

The Dow closed up 115 points at 15,882.