To Those Waitin’ Out The Blizzard

Today’s weather here

With a friend…Azacca Pale Ale…Homebrew


Wish you were here…


5 thoughts on “To Those Waitin’ Out The Blizzard

  1. I have Apple Cider Mead in the keg right now (I use 3.5 gal soda pop kegs). It is a 8.6% alcoholic beverage that will sneak up on you. No head, very clear, and artificially carbonated; it has a crisp apple overtone and is a bit dry.

    I made it with 4 gallons of apple cider and two quarts of apple orchard honey with a Wyeast champaign yeast. I did add 2 tablespoons of dead yeast hulls to get the fermentation going after it got stuck at the two week mark. Two month total fermentation time and kegged a few days before Christmas.

  2. Mmmmmmmm. I’ve got one left. Hate to say saving it as much as holding back as long as possible before I cave and drink it.

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