About Sleep Apnoea…

Hey guys. You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout…sleep apnoea. Yeah the affliction that masks itself as snoring, can rear its ugly head as sleep apnoea; a potentially deadly condition that can cause heart palpitation and extreme irregular breathing.

How is this problem diagnosed? Well, I’ll tell ya. Behind every man who now has to wear a mask connected to an air compressor each and every night, is a woman that complains about the snoring.

Yep. It all starts with a good night’s sleep (at least on the part of the man) with some downright badass snoring. The wife gets so agitated that she attends the next doctor visit with said man, and man ends up getting into what has become known as a “sleep clinic”.

Next thing you know, the man is wearing a nebulizer type mask hooked to an oxygen separator. So what if the man has shit for sleeping from now on? At least the wife gets to sleep.

I ask you: if wife does not work, and man works his ass off to support wife and her manicures, pedicures, beauty shop visits, sports car payments, etc, who is it that requires the sleep?

My dear old dad, who was married his second time to the Wicked Witch of the West, had his ass dragged to a “sleep clinic” for “evaluation” (this was one of the many unfortunate examples of why being married to an RN is a bad thing). (I once argued with said bitch for hours about how the Nile River flowed north; as well as other rivers on the planet. There was no internet then. I tell ya it was like banging my head against the wall).

As it turned out, he was prescribed the mask the very next day. Poor bastard. He’s 87 now and has not worn the mask for years.

Then there’s my younger brother. A hard worker all his life.  He too ended up at the “sleep clinic” and like Dad, walked out with a mask and compressor. This was several years ago. His wife is also an RN.

He still wears it, and has made a special place on his Harley luggage system for it.

Well, we’re all glad that his wife now gets a good night’s sleep since the implementation of the Iron Mask.

Last year, when my brother and I were staying with Dad after the death of the WWW, we stayed in the extra room (twin beds) and he said at bedtime “I hope the compressor doesn’t keep you awake!”

I couldn’t help wondering where the hell that came from. Was the wife now complaining that the very thing she insisted had now backfired?

Talk about backfire


CPAP machine. There are many, many variations.


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    • It seems like I am up every hour or so if nothing more than to look at the clock. There IS well…er..um…Irish Whiskey. That oughta get some continuous sleep fer ye.

  1. I have got one and the wife too. We don’t use them any more. A few years ago being on the road, trying to carry a cpap, computer, brief case and two suite cases- it was a pain. That had to be a fad I guess. Keep up the good work.

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