Mossberg vs Remington

A more traditional approach to 12 gauge


4 thoughts on “Mossberg vs Remington

  1. Having owned both I say: Vanilla Vs. French Vanilla. The Mossberg and The 870 are almost identical in every respect but one. The mossys are made of alloy and the 870 is made of steel. With zero round count weapons all other things being equal they are the same in every particular. I find that after 1000 rounds the 500’s show abrasion and significant wearing on the bearing suffice’s . My 1965 manufactured 870 “Dade Metro” shows almost no non cosmetic wear of any kind. And that is limited to wood only.

  2. I have both. A 1950’s 870 that is on barrel #2 as the original was shot out about 20 years ago – everything else works fine. I also have an early 90’s 500. The 500 is disassembled right now and I have a part that has been on backorder for over 3 months. I don’t know the round count but it has not seen a lot of use but it does show a lot more wear than the 870. The 870 is also a lot easier to disassemble, clean, and reassemble.

    I have heard that the 870 has suffered some quality issues with some of the newer versions. My 60 year old gun is top notch. My 500 has been one of those guns I wish I had never bought.

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