X’s Eye On The Dow Jones

I’m late with that this morning

The Dow opened at 16,168 and has proceeded to go up and down.

It’s now at 16,014. (9:25 CST)

As of 12:20 CST the DJ has hovered between the above mentioned parameters.

It closed overall down 222 points at 15,944.

Does anyone have any experience with offshore accounts?


2 thoughts on “X’s Eye On The Dow Jones

  1. You are playing two markets with overseas markets. If you are talking a bout have a bank account in the Cayman’s, Dubai, or Switzerland to hedge for tax purposes then you should have a personal accountant to advise you as to get any real benefit you would need 8 or more figures to make it worthwhile,

    • Nope. Don’t have millions to squirrel away. I was thinking with a debit card from an offshore bank, it might be hidden from the long arms of the feds who are just dying to start having “bank holidays”.

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