Ruger Mini-30

Hickok 45 talks about and shoots the Ruger Mini-30


4 thoughts on “Ruger Mini-30

  1. I had a stainless Mini-14 that is a fantastic rifle. When the Mini-30 came out I started looking for one. I got it one ’89. It worked fine with brass but it did not like steel cased ammo as it would become a jam-o-matic. So it could only shoot the expensive ammo. It also had some accuracy issues that I was never able to resolve by using different ammo. I sold it after about 5 years and got an AK.

    The AK eats crappy ammo and fires every time. It is slightly more accurate than the Mini-30 I had. I have shot other AK’s, SKS, and CZ’s that has led me to the conclusion that there is something inherently wrong with the 7.62×39 round. I have never found one that shoots with the accuracy of an AR or my Mini-14.

  2. I’ve owned both Ruger types and sold them. Mini’s suck. There are MUCH better firearms on the Mkt. If you want the best 7.62×39 on the Market EVER. get a new condition SKS in its ORIGONANL condition with the 10 round mag.( ALL CRAPCO products, and “HIGH CAP” mags, turn them into useless jam-o-matics). Back in the early 80’s when 7.62X39 was cheaper than.22LR I put 90000 rounds thru an SKS (early type 56) without a single stoppage. I’ve owned six more since then. Chinese and Russian ,and all of them preformed the same. I own an AK (IZMASH) now but wouldn’t hesitate to carry an SKS to war. I rate them up with my Garand as a service weapon. Crazy easy to load with strippers, as simple to strip and clean as the AK and when new just as accurate as any AR-15.

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