Grandpa and Grandma Are Running For President

Swillary is 70 years old. She is under investigation by the FBI for lying to a Senate committee.

Bernie is 75 years old. He is a socialist.

Both of these two old farts are sick with thyroid problems.

Your thyroid gland is extremely important in your body maintaining normal function. It your thyroid produces too much or too little of its hormones, your life will become shit. There is no cure; only “best guess” treatment.

If you have or know someone with a thyroid problem, you know that is a constant battle trying to balance the thyroxin. Lots of blood work with each doctor visit, increase then decrease the meds to attain the balance. The wife has had her thyroid irradiated twice, and fears it has grown back again. She has a rough time with it.

Both Bernie and Shrillary suffer from thyroid problems.

Too much or too little thyroid hormones (there are several of them and one can affect another) and a person will have symptoms like extreme constant fatigue, being jittery and nervous, feet feeling like lead weights, extreme weight loss or gain, osteoporosis…see chart

Hyperthyroidism symptoms are opposite those listed above.

Do you really want a president that will drop dead during office?

Grandpa and Grandma need to start eyeing theĀ  rocker instead of continuing their insatiable quest for power.


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