Ruger Mini-14


One thought on “Ruger Mini-14

  1. I have the early 80’s stainless steel standard model with a hickory stock. It has iron sights and no way to mount a scope unless you drill it and mount a rail. It was actually my dad’s and he kept it and 10 30-round magazines on his deep sea fishing boat. I would grab it every chance I got to go plinking. For me it was a good 150 yard gun then. With my eyesight now it is down to about 75 yards. I saw my dad shoot a deer at 180 yards through the head when he was about my current age. He was deadly accurate with that gun and he shot lefty.

    The Mini will take any ammo I feed through it, even the nasty burning steel cased Tula. After about 450-500 rounds of the Tula the gas port will clog up turning the gun into a bolt action until the gas block can be disassembles and the port thoroughly cleaned. If I use 62gr boat-tail I get the tightest groups and it will shoot much further than I can see.

    If it is shot enough to get hot it will develop a golden hue. The oxidation can be removed with a little polishing compound. This is one of the few guns that will always have a place in my safe.

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