Zika Virus? Don’t Make Me Laugh

WHO and other health organization wannabees have now labeled something they would like you to believe is NEW; zika virus.


Well that’s great. What? The zika virus has now become rampant in south America? Authorities are telling women not to get pregnant? How the hell do they propose to do that?

Telling hispanic based cultures not to screw is like telling dogs not to fuck. Good luck.

The zika virus affects pregnant women and they say…”they say” that this virus causes a condition in babies called anencephaly.

Anencephaly is not new.

How do you know this, X?

X knows this because his ex-wife back in the early nineties was an LVN that worked at a hospital in Brownsville Texas. Even back then the mescans knew that all they had to do was get across the river to have their babies, and the rest of the family could eventually get over and live in the US.

Many times she would report about the “anencephaly babies”. They would be born with various types of defects usually having to do with serious issues with their heads and brains. Very small heads; often not completely formed and at times exposed brains. You never heard of that have ye? Many were stillborn, others did not live but for a couple of hours; more unfortunate ones lived.

As I said, these ‘experts’ want you to think that this is a new thing when in fact it’s been spreading for over 20 years.

Problem? Yes indeed. Caused by skeeters? It seems that it’s easy to point fingers at skeeters as disease carriers. Same skeeters twenty years ago? Same virus? Some thought back then it was in the water.

Spreading to south America? I got news for them. It’s already here.




It’s all media hype and crap.