Obama: A Legend In His Own Mind

I found this through The Grey Enigma

Remember how obamski has been toting around his “law professorship”? He was no more a law professor than he was born in this country.



2 thoughts on “Obama: A Legend In His Own Mind

  1. The qualifications to be a professor differ from one accrediting group to another so every state may have something different. Some states require you to have a doctorate and be published. Others require less. Georgia requires a Master’s degree and to be published.

    My daughter was published in a science journal when she was working on her biology genetics Master’s degree. She took a job teaching in a college for two semesters after she graduated. Since she had a Masters degree and had been published she had the title of Associate Professor of Biology. There were others teaching with her who were not published and the had the title of Lecturer of Science or Lecturer of Arts. To be a full professor she had to be tenured. That is a whole different process.

    • That’s wild, man. She had to be tenured before getting a professorship? At the local U, a professor applies for tenure. I don’t know who approves, whether it’s a committee, faculty or what…it can also be revoked. Sounds like Catch 22; if one has tenure, how can it be revoked? because the next step is being fired.

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