Are FBI Agents Really Cowards?

Did the FBI shoot Levoy Finicum in the back with his hands raised?

Did they terrorize the other occupants of the vehicle after they murdered Finicum?

Did they keep shooting at Finicum after he fell to the ground?

Sure, all above would be true.

The FBI murdered all of those in the Branch Davidian compound during the Waco incident. They squawked when two agents were killed as the residents of the compound were defending themselves.

Bring that shit to me man.
Oh nothing could be sadder
than the agent lost his bladder
in the  mooooorning
 Buddy Ryan said once “what goes around, comes around” after the Philadelphia Eagles stomped the shit out of the Dallas Cowboys during the Landry regime at one of the “strike games”.
If the FBI can only shoot people in the back, then they won’t be a threat during the upcoming revolution.
Shooting at a man, you’d have missed
 Bunch of back-shooters. Anyone who shoots someone in the back has a strip of yellow six inches wide runnin’ down their back.
How the hell much more will the law abiding citizens of this country take the abuse and corruption by the federal government?
One more thing:
The FBI is afraid of Shrillary or she’d be behind bars or at least charged with something by now…no balls at the FBI from top to bottom.

4 thoughts on “Are FBI Agents Really Cowards?

      • I have extended family in the San Antonio area. They have property for Aoudad hunting. My cousin is a super geek and has the tract wired with motion sensors and cameras. They sit in the cabin playing video games until a sensor goes off and they track the sheep to figure which way it’s headed. Then they load up in the jeep to go head it off with somebody back at the cabin keeping up with the sensors radioing the latest info. Once they get to the shooting site they unload the sighting scope and a 338 Laupa, 30-06, or 7mm mag depending on the distance of the shot. The one and only time I went hunting with them I shot an Aoudad from about 1400 yards with a 338 Laupa. It took us 3 hours to get to the sheep. Not really my kind of hunting.

        Do you see any similarity between Aoudad hunting and the way the story played out with Mr Finicum?

      • Like sheep to the slaughter; sorta. I think we all knew that blood would be spilt; just a question of how many.
        1400 yards? Damn! That’s like a sniper shot.

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