Some Solutions to Europe’s Muslim Infestation

A group called The Muslim Stern is calling on German authorities to ban alcohol in an effort to stop the rampant sexual abuse from the Muslim community. The group’s Facebook page argues that the women of Cologne, Germany are responsible for their own assaults, because how could anyone expect these Muslim men to control themselves around women who are dressed provocatively?

I guess that the towelheads are gettin drunk then attacking the innocent women and little boys of Europe. But I thought towelheads are not ‘allahed’ to drink.

Germans ain’t gonna give up their beer. Hell, they invented it.

The dune coons want European women to wear hijabs and smell like piles of camel shit like the muslim bitches back home.

On the spot castration for any and all sexual assaults on women, girls, and little boys. No arrest, no trial, no prison.

Half of them will bleed out and have no serviceable tools to meet their 72 virgins, who will remain virgins. HA!

Then there’s this way: German woman attacks sand nigger harassing another woman on street. The  towelhead isn’t even wearing his rag. Bad muslim.

and another…masked Swedes attack ragheads at a train station

200 Masked Men In Stockholm Station Target And Beat Migrants After Migrant Youth Gangs Wreak Havoc At Station

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