X And Canning Aspirations

During his last trip to Pop’s, X confiscated the canning equipment which consisted of a Presto 16 qt pressure cooker, a water bath canner, some canning spices and pectins, some canning utensils, some jars and lids.

With this acquisition, X’s interest in the art of canning has increased exponentially; particularly meats, stews, salsas, and chili. Some serious research has turned up many recipes.

X has two freezers that are overflowing with food; mostly meat. X usually buys a pound of ground beef at minimum when he hits the grocery store every weekend. He has found several canning recipes that can just seasoned ground beef. About a pound per pint jar from what he has read.

Some of you remember X’s Santa Fe soup; now a batch can be made and canned without having to toss out the last pint or so. Now, we’ll be able to can a couple of serving sized containers without filling up the freezer.

He ordered another seal, gauge and popoff valve for the pressure cooker, and is looking to increase his inventory of Ball jars. X found quart Ball jars at KMart.com for eleven dollars a case. He put them in his cart, and when he returned Sunday to purchase them, the cart was empty and the jars were back to 22  dollars a case of twelve. Damn.

Also found a recipe for canning cream cheese.

Butter, and bacon also have recipes out there, although canning butter recipes are usually followed by “do so at your own risk”. Too bad, as X really likes his butter. He keeps no less than twelve pounds in the freezer.