More Genius At The FBI

Since the FBI is a federal agency that does little more than piss away your tax dollars and shoot unarmed civvies in the back, they don’t have time to research the impact of switching to the .40 cal S&W round from the 9mm, thinking that the .40 cal has more stopping power.

No, let’s just jump ship and replace all field agent’s weapons with .40 cal without a shred of research…then whoops! We’re gonna go back to the 9 mil y’all. Doncha worry about the 200 million rounds of .40 cal we bought.

Dang! the FBI is sounding more and more like nothing more than a pawn of obamski.


2 thoughts on “More Genius At The FBI

  1. But there a huge number of state and local agencies that have switched from less popular calibers to 9mm because of the availability of the 9. To me the best “all round” firepower with stopping power is the 357Sig. It has a higher velocity carrying a heavy 9mm slug with the firepower of a 40. The 40 runs a close second.

    I have never had a 40 but I did have a Sig Sauer 357Sig about 15 years ago. I kept it about 5 years putting about 5k rounds downrange. This is one of the guns I have sellers regret’s on. It is an odd-ball round that you may find in stock or not; and it is expensive. I do have some buddies who have the 40’s and they swear by them.

    I am down to 4 handgun calibers and I regularly shoot 9mm and 45GAP (another odd-ball round). The 9 and 45 are the cheapest calibers to reload.

    • Personally, I would prefer a 45 acp; specifically a Glock 21. Also, a Ruger .44 magnum…7 1/2″ barrel. I don’t own one, but I think it would be a fun gun.

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