Grocery Stores Have Thinning Shelves?

I saw this post from Ken’s place, and was reminded what I have seen the past few weeks in the grocery store that I frequent.

I noticed that randomly, for example a display of canned corn. I reach up and grab a couple cans only to find that there is nothing behind them. The only cans are what is visible from the front.

The next trip, the corn will be stocked, but the problem will have moved to something else; chili, can tomatoes, coffee, cereal.

I have not noticed any shortages in the meat department or the deli or even the chip aisle.

The egg display was completely empty a few weeks ago. I thought nothing of it as I usually keep a minimum of six dozen eggs at home.

My favorite frozen bag of veggies has not been stocked for some time now. Is this the beginning of food shortages?



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